Acne Scar treatment-Derma roller

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Today I will be sharing with you about my acne scar treatment. I came to know about this treatment by my dermatologist and it uses dermaroller. So I started searching on internet and ordered one for me from Amazon.


What is Dermaroller Dermaroller is a tiny cylindrical drum with micro needles that need to gently massage on your skin . Micro needles come in different thiknesses 0.25mm, 0.5mm, 1.00mm, 1.5 mm and may be more. I use 0.5 mm needle roller for myself as I thought 1.00mm needles are little thick for my sensitive skin.

Acne scar treatment dermaroller

How Dermaroller works– Many of you might have gone through chemical peel treatment. It is kind of removal of upper layer of your skin.

Unlike peel treatment, dermaroller punctures your skin and then your body will try to fix it by generating new cells. As a result of this, acne marks and scar will slowly fade away.

How I use Dermaroller– I was advised to use dermaroller weekly once. It could be because your skin requires enough time to recover your previous punctures. I gently massage on a skin for four times on each chick, two times on chin and two times on forehead.Once you massage in one straight line pick up your roller and do it again. Do not draw it in a reverse direction as it could damage your skin.

For the first two or three trials I felt the pain but was tolerable. You need to make sure that you are not too harsh with using dermaroller.

Immediately after the procedure, I simply apply Neutrogena combination skin moisturizer. I tried many other moisturizers and/or serum or numbness creams and those broke me out so badly that I don’t have courage to use those any further.

Precautions to take while using dermaroller-

Acne scar treatment Dermaroller

1)Disinfect the roller – I have bought disinfectant from chemist which doctors use to disinfect their utensil.This is the most important thing.I disinfect it before using and after using it.

2) Storage- You need to make sure to store the dermaroller properly. Don’t let it be wet or humid .Before putting it into the case make sure it is dried out completely.

3)Be gentle-Be gentle while using it on your face.

4) Acne- Make sure you don’t have any active acne while using roller,this will do more damage to your skin by spreading the infection.

Effects on my skin-I am using dermaroller for two things acne scars and stretch marks after pregnancy. Yes it is effective but it has not faded my scars totally.I will say 30% improvement is there in my scars.But It has improved my skin texture and even out my skin tone.Overall I am happy with the results.

Disclaimer – It’s advisable to  contact your dermatologist before using dermaroller. Wrong understanding and use will damage your skin more.

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