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Skin care routine for acne prone skin

Skin care regimen for acne prone skin/Skin care routine for acne prone skin

skin care routine for acne prone skin
No matter what you do acne will not vanish overnight. Good skin care routine for acne prone skin will not only reduce the acne but make sure to prevent it.
Products you will be needing
1)Face wash
Ahaglow face wash
Price – 117 rs 50 gm
Or Saslic face wash
Price – 165 rs for 60 ml
2) Moisturizer
Neutrogena combination skin moisturizer
Price -299 for 118 ml
3)Acne spot treatment
 Benzoyl per oxide
Benzac Ac 2.5%  – 67 rs for 20 gm
4) Sunscreen
Suncrose sunscreen by sun pharmaceutical
Price -275 for 100 ml
5) Mild face wash
Cetaphil cleansing lotion by Gladerma
Price – 149 rs for 85 ml
6) Dark spot treatment
Tretinoin Retino A 0.0025 %
7)Toner (Optional)
Kaya skin clinic purifying Toner
Price –  325 rs 100 ml
All these products above are non comodegenic and most of them are recommended by dermatologists. Before trying out any new products you should always do a patch test before.
Morning time Skin care routine for acne prone skin
1) Wash your face with cetaphil cleansing lotion. If you feel your skin looks very oily or dirty then only use any of the face washes stated above. Salicylic acid in saslic face wash can irritate your skin in this case try Ahaglow face wash with glycolic acid. At first use these face washes on alternate day then slowly moving to  daily.
2)Spray some Kaya skin clinic purifying toner on your face and let it dry for 5 minutes. This step is totally optional if you have always used toner then you can use it.
3)Dot some moisturizer onto your skin and gently massage it. Both Neutrogena and Clarina are very good. You can use any of these.
4)Put on a sunscreen. This is the most important step , don’t miss this step. Always put on sunscreen 15 minutes before stepping out in Sun. If you  are going under any acne treatment then Sunscreen is must.
 Sometimes you feel like washing your face thrice a day especially in summer. Use Cetaphil cleansing  milk  for that purpose because using more face wash can dry out your skin .
Night time skin care routine for acne prone skin
1) Wash your face with any of the face washes above. If you had put on makeup, make sure to remove all the makeup properly.
 For girls with heavy makeup I suggest to use Olive oil or Johnson/Himalaya baby oil to remove makeup. Apply oil all over your face and massage it gently. Wipe it with cotton pad. Following this wash your face with face wash, this will make sure all the makeup is removed  properly.
2) Put on some moisturizer if requires. If  your skin is very oily you can skip this steps especially in summer or can apply it only in dry patches.
3)Apply BENZOYL peroxide ointment on affected area.
4)If you have any acne spots from old acne apply very thin layer of retinoid cream Tretinoin Retino A 0.0025 % and gently massage it.
We will suggest you to wait for some days like Two to three weeks then start with spot treatment. Retinoids are quit harsh and can irritate your skin easily. So firstly start to use it on alternate days and then moving it to daily.
If retinoids are harsh for you skin,  you can use Kojivit gel for your dark spots.
People suffering from huge acne problem may need to add acne treatment in their morning routine. Use Adalpene  gel – (Adalpene Differin  and Epiduo gel by Gladerma ) treatment on affected area. Once it gets dried up, apply thin layer of moisturizer following it with sunscreen liberally before stepping out in sun. Skip the Toner in this case.
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Let us know your skin care routine for acne prone skin.
Disclaimer  – This is our personal opinion. Always ask your dermatologists before using medicated acne products. Always do a patch test before trying out any new product.
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Himalaya baby products

Himalaya baby products review

 Everyone wants to go back to the skin they were born. It is because baby’s skin is very delicate and soft. That is why baby need special care. Below is the review for Himalaya baby products. Himalaya is herbal Indian brand. Who don’t want to use natural products for their baby. All  Himalaya Baby products are free from parabens and synthetic colors.
1) Himalaya baby bathing soap
Active ingredients- Watermelon, Khus khus and Neem.
There are lots of variant of this soap like soap with watermelon and khus khus, soap with almond and olive oil etc. These  soaps have very refreshing and mild smell. These soaps lather well and clean the body properly. It does not leave any layer or film on baby’s skin. It will get washed out completely.
Overall these are the very good bathing bars for baby.
Rating 4 out of 5

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Back acne : Causes and Treatment

Back acne and chest acne are as common as face acne. Some people have tendency to get acne due to various reasons like Hormones, food, smoking, travelling and stress. Acne generally start from face then spreading over chest, back and hands too. Back acne can be itchy and irritating.
Back acne – causes and treatment
1) Unhygienic tight clothing
Unhygienic tight cloths are also the main culprit in body acne . Tight cloths can produce more heat and friction which leads to inflammation on your body.

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Acne Causes and Treatments

What is Acne? Acne Causes and Treatments

What is Acne
Acne is bacterial infection appears mainly on your face, neck and back.
Our skin secret oil named sebum .  Excessive secretion of oil from glands below your upper layer of skin causes clogging of skin pores . This clogging traps the bacteria inside causing Acne.
 Below are some Acne types, Acne Causes and Treatments.
Types of Acne
Whiteheads are the tiny little white bumps caused due to clogging of pores. Then these tiny  acne get covered by skin layer. These are more common type of acne. Almost everyone Ines in a life will suffer from this. These don’t need strong medication,  good skin care can also cure this.
Blackheads are the tiny black dots you get generally near your nose and chin. Blackheads are caused by excessive dirt, dead skin cell and oil. These gets trapped into skin pore and when gets contact with air results into black substance which we see on our skin. There are a lot of Blackheads removers present in the market. Good scrubber can help you get rid of it. Keep skin clean and do scrubbing once or twice a week.
These are small red rash like acne appears in your skin. These feels like you got some allergy but actually they are small red acne. You will need medication if they spread on all your face.
4) Pustules –
These are the pus filled big acne and are very painful. These acne leaves scars and spots. Avoid touching it. You will need medication and good skin care to clear them out.
These are the very big bumps  and really hard to cure. These can leave big scars and spots. These are bigger than pustule. These are very painful and irritating one. These one requires strong medication to cure.
Causes and Treatments for acne
Most of the women have noticed they get acne during their periods. It is because of the hormones.  Also boys will get acne at the time of puberty due to Hormones.
Hormonal acne can be cured with medication.
2)Over secretion of sebum/ Oily skin-
This is known to all that oily skin people get lot more acne than the people with other skin type. Due to over secretion of oil skin pores will get clog causing Acne.
But dry skin people also gets acne due to over dryness. This is because skin tries to  secret excess oil to control the skin dryness. That is why trying lot of acne medication at the same time can worsen the condition. No matter what is your skin type always do moisturize your face with non comodegenic moisturizer.
3) Dirty skin
You need to wash your face twice daily or more than that if very oily. If you will skip this process all the dirt, pollution with skin oil will clog the pores causing Acne.
4)Eating unhealthy/Unhealthy lifestyle –
Eating too much spicy food or unhealthy food also cause excessive secretion of sebum. Also less sleep, change of schedule, excessive stress are the other factors which cause acne. So try to live healthy life.
5) Dandruff-
 Dandruff is common hair problem among people of any age, sex all around the word. This is dead/ dry skin of the scalp caused by dry scalp. In some cases excessive oily scalp can also leads to Dandruff. So try to keep the scalp clean without  using excess of shampoo. Use anti dandruf shampoos . Dandruff if fall on face or back causes infection /Back Acne.
6) Comodegenic products –
Comodegenic means pore clogging. There are lots of beauty products in the market which contains highly comodegenic or mild comodegenic ingredients. So one should be very careful before buying any products. It should be non comodegenic or in low acne cases mildly comodegenic.
7)Touching or scrubbing acne – 
You must have heard it from lots of people and yes it is true. If you will touch the acne you will spread the infection on other parts of the skin. So do not do scrubbing or facials while you have active acne. Also continuously touching you face with dirty hands also causes infection.
These are some main causes which leads to Acne. So drink plenty of water, do regular exercise and eat healthy to avoid this problem.
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Acne Coverage Routine with Lakme Absolute Mattreal Skin Natural Mousse

Lakme absolute Mattreal mouse review

Hi All,

Lakme Absolute Mattreal Mouse is first ever foundation I have tried. It has mussy texture(Liquid+powder). It is neither a liquid foundation nor a cushion foundation. Lakme absolute comes in six different shades namely…..  The best match shade for my skin is Golden Medium and so I prefer to use it as my warm yellowish skin tone perfectly adopts it.

 Lakme absolute Mattreal mouse review




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face washes for acne prone skin

Best face washes for acne prone skin

There are ton of company s who created face washes for acne prone skin. Lot of company s claim to have all the natural ingredients like neem, tea tree oil in it. Personally  I don’t rely on face washes to clear acne. According to me you need a good skin care routine to get clear skin. But it is essential part of the skin care routine. Below are the best face washes for acne prone skin.

1) Aha glow face wash



Price- 117 rs 50 gm

Active ingredients- Aloe vera 5 %,  Glycolic Acid 1.5 %, Vitamin E 0.01%

This is the best face wash for oily acne prone skin. Perfect composition of Glycolic acid and aloe vera make it worth. There are other face washes in market with higher percentage of Glycolic acid but this works best. Without over drying or over peeling it will help your skin to fight acne . Similar face wash is Tone and Glow face wash. But I will skip it in winter season as I already have a dry skin.
2) Garneir neem face wash

face washes for acne prone skin

Price- 60 rs for small bottle

Active Ingredients-neem, tulsi

This is good budget face wash for oily acne prone skin.It contains neem in it which is great for acne.
3) Patanjali Rose neem face wash  and patanjali orange aloe face wash

face washes for acne prone skin


Price- 1) 60 rs for 60 gm

2)45 rs for 60 gm

Active ingredients – Neem, Rose, aloe, orange

Best part about these face washes are they will clean your face like anything  without drying it out. After using these face washes you will feel clean, refreshed and there will be a glow on your skin. Continuous usage of this will help you with your acne to some extent. These are really good option for the girls who is on budget routine. You should definitely give it a try.

4) Derma dew acne soap

face washes for acne prone skin.
Price  – 149 rs for 75 gm

Active ingredients –  salicylic acid, manuka concentrate, willow extract, tea tree oil, olive extract etc

This soap was suggested by my Dermatologists . Best soap ever I have tried for acne. It is very smooth, non drying will clean your face  properly. Continuous use of it will definitely clear your acne giving your face a texture. As this is a medicated soap you can buy it from medical stores near you.
5) Lotus herbal tea tree clove cinnamon face wash


Price – 118 rs

Active ingredients –  Neem slices

This is a best face wash for oily skin people in winter and for combination to dry skin people in summer. Unlike other acne face washes it is very gentle still clean your face properly. It will not clear your acne dramatically but will help you to reduce it to some extent. You should definitely try it.

6)Vedic line neem and bramhi face wash


Price -125 rs for 120 ml

Active Ingredients – water, neem oil, tea tree oil, camaphor
This is good budget for wash. Neem and tea tree oil makes it best for acne prone skin.
Although this can be drying in harsh winters but is very good to use in summers.
7) Saslic face wash by Cipla
Price -165 rs for  60 ml
Active Ingredients – salicilyc acid 1%
 This is medicated face wash and are widely available in medical stores.
This is a product of well-known brand Cipla. Salicilyc acid is best acne fighting ingredient but too much use of it can lead to irritation and skin dryness. There is one other variant that is saslic ds that has 2% of salicylic acid. But 2% percent can cause irritation for sensitive skin people hence  go first wit 1% salicilyc acid.
8) Cetaphil cleansing lotion
 Price – 149 rs for 125 ml
Active ingredients – Cetyl Alcohol IP 2.650%w/w, Stearyl Alcohol IP 0.260%w/w
As name stated it is not a regular face wash but a face cleanser. It will not lather up at all that makes it perfect for dry skin but it is also very good for oily skin people. It is very mild and gentle though work very well on acne. It is recommended by many  dermatologists.
Only con of this face cleanser is that it will not lather up at all so you will need another face cleanser as a backup.
9) Neutrogena acne face wash
 Price  – 499 s for 175 ml
Active ingredients – salicilyc Acid
This oil-free formula gently cleanses deep down into pores for clear skin. It contains Salicylic Acid to get rid of acne you have now and help prevent future breakouts. Special skin soother help prevent irritation hence over drying. Skin is left clean, residue-free and never oily.
10)Kaya skin clinic purifying cleanser
Price –  390rs for 100 ml
Active ingredients – salicylic Acid
Although the price seems high it will last up to three mont which is very good. Purifying cleanser for a clear, oil-free and healthier looking skin. It gently cleanses the pores from deep within, removing excess oil, dirt and impurities. It contains salicylic acid with acne fighting properties that help reduce acne and prevent future breakouts. Unique skin conditioners ensure that skin doesn’t feel stretched and dry.  A must have for clear, oil-free and healthier looking skin.

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Best acne treatments available in India

Below are some acne treatments available in India.

1) Glycolic  acid – Avene Tricneal treatment care for acne

Price -1399 rs for 30 ml

Main ingredient- Glycolic acid 5 %

It is very strong medication for acne. Glycolic acid helps acne prone skin by exfoliating dead skin cells from the surface and promoting new cell construction. That in turn helps in two ways – it removes dark pimple marks and prevents clogging of pore. This work well for moderate to sever acne and for acne scars too. As this is a strong medication, I will suggest to use it on alternate days followed by moisturizer. Other wise it will dry out your skin like anything. Other budget Glycolic acid products available in India are DUCRAY Karancyl cream, Glyco -6  6% ,Olliza gel 12%.

But My personal opinion is not to use topical treatments above 5% without Dermatologists consultation. These can be very strong for sensitive skin and over exfoliation can damage your skin more.

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Home remedies for acne prone skin /acne scars

Hi all,

Everyone must be telling you to use herbal and natural products for your skin and hair. We are blessed with lot of precious herbs which has of health and beauty benefits. Let’s see some of the Home remedies for acne prone skin /acne scars which can be use for acne prone skin. Below list is in no particular order.


Home remedies for acne
It is my favorite home remedy for summer days. Tomato is great astringent to reduce oil and blackhead. Tomato is a citrus food which contains Vitamin C and A. Tomato will definitely reduce your acne and give you a glow by reducing dark spots. This is best for oily skin beauties. For dry skin people I will suggest to use moisturizer after using Tomato.

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