Back acne : Causes and Treatment

Back acne and chest acne are as common as face acne. Some people have tendency to get acne due to various reasons like Hormones, food, smoking, travelling and stress. Acne generally start from face then spreading over chest, back and hands too. Back acne can be itchy and irritating.
Back acne – causes and treatment
1) Unhygienic tight clothing
Unhygienic tight cloths are also the main culprit in body acne . Tight cloths can produce more heat and friction which leads to inflammation on your body.

Dandruff is dead skin cells of the scalp which can cause infection on face, chest and back. Some shampoo and conditioner are also a culprit in Dandruff leading back acne.
3) Sweat
Sweat  if not washed of properly can clog the body pores causing Acne on chest and back
Hormonal acne are the most common type of acne people suffers around the world.
Women and men bot suffers from Hormonal acne at some point of a life.
Treatments –
1) Wear clean and loose cloths
Always use clean sheet, cloths and pillow. Try to wear cotton cloths which are loose and airy. This will help body breath air and less sweat will form.
2) Take shower regularly
After any sports,  gym or other hectic work always take a shower to remove sweat and dirt. This will avoid pore clogging and ultimately acne.
3)Add neem oil or Tea tree oil  in bathing water
Add neem oil or tea tree oil in your bathing water. This will help you with Dandruff, skin infection and all other skin remedies. Neem and Tea tree being antibacterial in nature have a lot of health benefits. You can also add holy basil leaves in water. Also try for other home remedies to remove acne.  Refer  Home remedies for acne prone skin /acne scars
4) Use anti Dandruff shampoo
If you are suffering from dandruff use good anti dandruff shampoo. Also you can apply lemon and curd on your hair. Apply for half an hour before hair wash and wash it thoroughly with shampoo. Repeat the process twice a week. These are very good home remedies for Dandruff.
5)Use medicated lotion and good body scrub
There are a lot of medicated body lotions, shower gel and scrubs available in the market.
Like your face, your body also need scrubbing. Exfoliate your body skin twice a week. Avoid doing it if you have a lot of active acne.
6)Use spot treatments
Same as medicated lotions use spot treatments like benzoyl peroxide, retinoids or clindamycin phosphate gel. These are antibacterial in nature and are easily available in all medical stores.
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