Best acne treatments available in India

Below are some acne treatments available in India.

1) Glycolic  acid – Avene Tricneal treatment care for acne

Price -1399 rs for 30 ml

Main ingredient- Glycolic acid 5 %

It is very strong medication for acne. Glycolic acid helps acne prone skin by exfoliating dead skin cells from the surface and promoting new cell construction. That in turn helps in two ways – it removes dark pimple marks and prevents clogging of pore. This work well for moderate to sever acne and for acne scars too. As this is a strong medication, I will suggest to use it on alternate days followed by moisturizer. Other wise it will dry out your skin like anything. Other budget Glycolic acid products available in India are DUCRAY Karancyl cream, Glyco -6  6% ,Olliza gel 12%.

But My personal opinion is not to use topical treatments above 5% without Dermatologists consultation. These can be very strong for sensitive skin and over exfoliation can damage your skin more.

2) Just Herbs advanced anti pimple treatment

Price- 350 rs

Ingredients-Sandalwood powder, Majuphal, Orange peel, Triphala, Arjuna, Neem etc.

Just herbs advanced anti acne treatment is face pack is in powder form.Company claims it to be 100% natural with no fragrance, preservatives or color. Instruction on package says it to apply wit Lemon or Curd. Also I like to apply it with Rose water. I like this face pack very much. Ingredient list is quite impressive with Neem ,Orange peel and Sandalwood. Which has lots of beauty benefits. Continuous use of it will definitely reduce dark spot and acne. You should definitely try it .

3) Kaya skin clinic acne corrector

Price – 850 rs for 8ml

ingredients-  Zinc Sulfate, Salicylic acid,  Glycollic Acid, Witch Hazel etc

It is clear water like liquid with strong smell. It comes with a  wand. Company instruction says to apply it directly on the erupting pimple. I really like KAYA products. They are always true to their claims. All the magical ingredients work like a charm and reduce your acne within a week or two.

4 ) Benzoyl peroxide(Benzac-AC gel by Galderma , Clindamycin phosphate gel(Clindac A gel by Gladerma)

acne treatments available in India

Price –  Benzac Ac 2.5%  – 67 rs for 20 gm                                                                                                                        Clindac A gel 1% – 125 rs for 10 gm

These are the standard treatments used by dermatologists for acne. These are antibacterial in nature and  really good for moderate  acne. You will get it in all medical stores. If you have not tried this then you should definitely with dermatologists consultation. Only problem with tropical treatments are after a while your skin will get used to it and it will not be that effective on acne. While using tropical treatments you should always start with lower percentage composition and then moving to high. ex: Benzac AC comes in two version 2.5% and 5% .  These are one of the best  acne treatments available in India.

5) Retinoids cream – Tretinoin Retino A 0.0025 %

Price- Tretinoin Retino-A 0.025% is Rs. 113 and Retino-A 0.05% is Rs. 108 for a 20 gm tube.

Retinoids can unclog pores (peeling), allowing other medicated creams and gels to work better. They also reduce acne by preventing dead cells from clogging pores. In my opinion it works best on dark spots due to its exfoliation/peeling property. Popular retinoid in India is  Tretinoin Retino A . There is also on variant Retino AC gel that combines an antibiotic Clindamycin 1% and Tretinoin 0.025%.  Retinoid is a very strong treatment. My dermatologist first prescribed me 0.0025% and then switched me to 0.05%. Because of its exfoliating property it will dry out your skin severely if not used as per direction.

6) Salicylic  acid-  (Sebo gel, Garnier Pure Active Pimple Relief Roll-on, Kaya skin clinic acne corrector)

Price-  Sebo gel  199 rs for 30 gm,  Garnier Roll On  199 rs for 15 ml

Salicylic acid is very popular ingredient for acne treatment. It is very strong medication for acne. Now a days salicylic acid can be found in lot of face washes and creams. Some of the examples are Neutrogena acne face wash, Saslic face wash by Cipla etc. It is very good for treating moderate to severe acne.

7) Adalpene  gel – (Adalpene Differin  and Epiduo gel by Gladerma)

Price- Adalpene Differin  gel 0.1% –  15gm (Not able to find the price)

My dermatologists recommended this to me. Adalpene is powerful acne fighting agent. It works good for moderate to sever acne. Like other Topical treatments it also has some side effects like itching, peeling. You should always use good sunscreen if you are using any of the topical treatments mentioned above for acne because topical treatments makes your skin very sensitive.

8) khadi herbals acne cream review

Price- 350 rs for 50 m

Ingredients- Neem extract, Basil extract, Tea tree oil, Calundela extract, Clove extract , cinnamon, turmeric etc.

This cream keeps the skin softer and smoother by eliminating the acne. It is all herbal in nature. Ingredient list is very impressive. Tea tree oil, cinnamon are very good for acne. You should try this herbal cream.

9) Jovees anti acne cream

Price- 195 rs for 50 gm

Ingredients- Neem Oil, Long Pepper, Tea Tree, Red Sandalwood, Clove oil and Bearberry

Company instructions says it to apply Jovees Anti Acne Pimple Cream with fingertips and leave on. Use daily at bed time. Cream is quiet heavy and greasy. But it definitely prevent further acne breakout on your skin making it smooth. It is very budget friendly compare to other treatment.

These are some Best Acne Treatments in india which is suggested more frequently by dermatologists .

Disclaimer – Above list is for reference purposes. You should always consult your dermatologist before trying out any medication for acne.

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