Garnier Pure active neem+tulsi High foaming face wash

Garnier Pure active neem+tulsi High foaming face wash review

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Face wash is important part of the skin care regimen. I have never liked face washes which lathers too much and take off all your face oil. I think natural shine is the thing which makes your skin look glowy and fresh. Specially in winter you need to be very careful while choosing your face wash. Garnier Pure active neem and tulsi High foaming face wash is said to be high foaming but not very drying.
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Price- 60 rs for 50 gm

ingredients –Garnier Pure active neem+tulsi High foaming face wash
Will it cause acne? – Mostly No
What company claims-
Garnier Pure Active Neem Tulsi High Foaming Face Wash removes 99.9 % of the pimple causing bacteria. Power of ingredients like Neem and Tulsi, both of them are anti bacterial  and known to reduce oil and germ.
This will reduce your pimple and gives nice glow to your skin. This is a gentle face wash and is suitable for daily usage.
What I think of the product-
Garnier face wash is green gel like face wash. Although it says high foaming but I personally feel it is not that high foaming drying face wash. It will clean your face perfectly without making it dry. It contains neem and tulsi which are antibacterial in nature and perfect for oily acne prone skin. I really like this to use in summer.
1) Clean your face perfectly without over drying it.
2)Contains neem and tulsi.
3) Affordable.
4) Good packaging. Very travel friendly.
5) Keep oil at bay for long time.
6) Help control acne to great extent.
1) Can not use this face wash in winter.
2) Not for very dry skin.
Rating 4.5 out of 5
Final word
Very good face wash for teenage, college going people .Very budget friendly and keep oil at bay for long time. I will love to suggest this face wash to oily acne prone skin.

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  1. I am reading your aticle, this described very briefly that how we using by these tips getting a glowing,healthy and beautiful skin.
    Thanks for sharing this product.

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