Home remedies for acne prone skin /acne scars

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Everyone must be telling you to use herbal and natural products for your skin and hair. We are blessed with lot of precious herbs which has of health and beauty benefits. Let’s see some of the Home remedies for acne prone skin /acne scars which can be use for acne prone skin. Below list is in no particular order.


Home remedies for acne
It is my favorite home remedy for summer days. Tomato is great astringent to reduce oil and blackhead. Tomato is a citrus food which contains Vitamin C and A. Tomato will definitely reduce your acne and give you a glow by reducing dark spots. This is best for oily skin beauties. For dry skin people I will suggest to use moisturizer after using Tomato.

2)Lemon –

Home remedies for acne

Lemon is food from citric family. Rich in Vitamin C, it is very good for acne scars and spots. Natural acid in lemon will remove dark spots, dullness, excess oil and uneven skin tone. If mixed with cucumber water, it is very good astringent for oily skin beauties.

3)Tulsi –


Holy basil can be found in almost all homes in India.Just take some leaves and apply it’s juice all over face or on acne. You will definitely notice the difference in one week of use. Tulsi has an antibacterial properties which can be used for various health benefits.

4)Papaya –

Home remedies for acne prone skin /acne scars

Papaya is fruit rich in vitamin A, C and E helps reduce flaky skin, dark spots, dullness.  Make a Papaya pure and massage it on your face for 15 minutes. You will notice a subtle glow on your skin. It contains enzyme papain which exfoliates your skin within. That is why Papaya is very good for acne scars, spots and wrinkles.

5)Nutmeg – I remember the days when I used to rub Nutmeg and Almond on stone and apply that pack all over my face. Nutmeg is very good for oily skin beauties. Nutmeg is well known for its antibacterial properties. That is why in India it is used in Baal ghutis for baby’s to keep them safe from infection. For dry skin people I suggest to mix it with milk or other moisturising ingredient and then apply.

6)Neem – Everyone must be knowing benefits of Neem. Apply Neem juice on affected area, it will visibly reduce your acne. But applying too much of Neem juice can worsen you skin condition especially for sensitive skin  or dry skin people(happened with me). So I suggest to add neem oil or juice in your face pack or your bathing water.

7) Cinnamon –


Cinnamon has antibacterial, antifungal and even anti viral properties same as nutmeg. It is precious herb very good to take internally and externally. It helps reduce acne and acne spots. Make a paste of Cinnamon powder and apply it on affected area .

8)Colgate  you read it right. Colgate has great cooling effect on acne. Once acne gets burst out apply colgate on that. This way it dries up acne fast because of its cooling effect

9)Honey –


 Honey  has antibacterial properties. Honey is also rich in antioxidant and has moisturising effects. Honey is very good for adult acne or for dry skin acne. It kills acne causing bacteria and gives subtle glow to your skin.

Share your home remedies for acne and spots.

One thought on “Home remedies for acne prone skin /acne scars

  1. Hi Pranali,

    Thanks for sharing these helpful tips and remedies on how to naturally treat acne! Just want to add another remedy that worked well for me:

    Before bedtime, on your face apply a cotton towel, soaked in water in which lemon balm (Melissa officinalis), soapwort (SaponariaOfficinalis),and black elder (Sambucusnigra) was boiled – in equal portions.

    I’ve been doing the procedure every 2nd day during the course of at least 1 week (or more if needed). Works wonders, and can happily say that my acne outbreaks are under control now!

    Thanks again for putting this extensive article together and publishing it!


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