How I got rid of acne…My Acne Story

Before starting my post i would like to introduce myself. I am 28 year old software engineer. I have suffered from acne for almost 12 years and I am still struggling. But now I get acne occasionally. I can say I came down from 100% to 30 % if I can talk in percentage :P.

So I would like to share my experience with people who are suffering  from acne from long  time. Because I know having  acne is frustrating sometimes. It can demotivate you. I had acne all my college year,high school year when every girl wants to look beautiful. So lets get started with how I got rid of acne or cleared my skin.

1)Understanding your skin type-

OK I agree I had oily skin with acne but i learned it hard way that your skin will work differently in different weather.

So I had oily skin but as I am approaching my thirties it is now getting more dehydrated and dry.

What I did only was made it worse by adding more and more drying product. Now I have added balanced products to control oil on my face but moisturize my face as well. you can check My skin care routine for acne prone skin.

2)Using more natural products-

Yes this is a tip you  have heard from everyone. But it does not hurt to get reminded. All the natural products are packed with vitamins and with other essential stuff. With this goodness of nature you can definitely clear the acne. Look at DIY acne treatment/Homemade facial for acne prone skin

3)Building right skin care routine and following it extensively-

Use the product according to the season.Now I do not use oil removing face wash in winter as my skin is already dry. I know getting the right products for your skin is very difficult . Skin care products should not always supposed to be high end products. You can set effective skin care with drugstore products also.

4) Using Oils-

I know sounds socking but it is true. Even if you have oily skin it does not mean you can not use oils.I came to know about tea tree oil through internet. It has changed my skin texture and helped reduce my acne. Also I really like to use Almond and Olive oil in my skin care routine.I will write different post dedicated how i use oils in my skin care.

5)Not touching your acne /Pimple-

YA YA you have heard this a lot. But trust me this works.

6)Being Positive-

This is very difficult thing to do rather say.But by following all the good things you will definitely get a clear skin.

JUST hang in there.

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