My skin care routine for acne prone skin-Night

Skin care routine for acne prone skin

Hi all,
Today I am going to write about my night-time skin care  routine.An acne prone skin always require special is very important to follow night-time skin care routine because while sleeping our skin renew its s cells.My night time routine is pretty simple and basic.

1)Makeup -Figaro olive oil

 I use Figaro olive oil for my makeup removal.I do not wear makeup on daily basis but whenever I do, I use olive oil if not then coconut oil .I liberally apply oil on my face and massage it. It  melts makeup like anything.Then I wipe it with cotton pad.This is the best way to remove makeup.

2)Face wash- Panajali Rose Face Wash

Price -45 rs

After oil, I wash my face with face wash.In night I usually use heavy/more foaming face wash due to all the dirt and pollution our face collect in day time.In my way to office there is heavy traffic and pollution. Currently I am using Patanjali’s rose face wash in the evening and I am really liking it for non drying part. I have also used Garnier neem face wash before this I have liked that also.

3) Moisturizer – Juicy chemistry lavender honey skin renewal cream

Price-150 rs for 15 gm.

I have just recently bought this product.It is very good product and did not break me out. I wanted to use something natural and anti aging.It is always advisable to start using anti aging products in your twenties only. I really like how it will make my skin soft the next morning. But it is quite heavy and oily. You just need the slightest amount. This is not my holy grail night-time moisturizer. I am looking for another anti aging cream or simple night-time moisturizer. But I will recommend this to all people with dry skin as it is made up of all natural ingredients. Sometimes I just use Neutrogena combination skin moisturizer for lazy days.

4) Treatment Juicy chemistry stop the spot serum

Price-  400 rs for 10 ml

It has helped me lot with my acne and improved my skin tone. It is made up of all the natural ingredients. Ingredients like clove oil,turmeric oil,argon oil, neem oil etc. I really like to use oils on my face I have used tea tree oil,olive oil and almond oil that is the reason I bought it . I apply it all over my face after Moisturizer.Right now this my favorite product in my care routine.It has faded my acne spots,reduced acne and made my skin tone even.After started using this lot of people have asked me about the treatment I am undergoing.I will definitely recommend this product to all. I am already on my second bottle. Even though it is oil based product, it does not make your skin oily.

5)Tropical treatment – Benzoyl peroxide Benzac AC 2 .5%

Price-Unable to find it. may be 70 rs.

This the tropical ointment suggested by my dermatologist for acne.It is spot treatment for acne.It is made of benzoyl peroxide which is very well-known for antibacterial properties that is acne treatment. I do not use it on daily basis.I only use it when I suddenly get bumpy pimple.I apply it after my moisturizer and will skip the serum.
There are a lot of tropical treatment for acne like clindamycin phosphate gel,and salicylic acid . More use of salicylic acid has dried out my skin very badly so I switched to benzac.
The only problem with these tropical treatments are after sometime your skin will get used these treatments and that will reduce it effects.That is why I don’t use it on daily basis.

This is current skin care routine  basic, simple and affordable.

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