Skin care routine for acne prone skin

Skin care regimen for acne prone skin/Skin care routine for acne prone skin

skin care routine for acne prone skin
No matter what you do acne will not vanish overnight. Good skin care routine for acne prone skin will not only reduce the acne but make sure to prevent it.
Products you will be needing
1)Face wash
Ahaglow face wash
Price – 117 rs 50 gm
Or Saslic face wash
Price – 165 rs for 60 ml
2) Moisturizer
Neutrogena combination skin moisturizer
Price -299 for 118 ml
3)Acne spot treatment
 Benzoyl per oxide
Benzac Ac 2.5%  – 67 rs for 20 gm
4) Sunscreen
Suncrose sunscreen by sun pharmaceutical
Price -275 for 100 ml
5) Mild face wash
Cetaphil cleansing lotion by Gladerma
Price – 149 rs for 85 ml
6) Dark spot treatment
Tretinoin Retino A 0.0025 %
7)Toner (Optional)
Kaya skin clinic purifying Toner
Price –  325 rs 100 ml
All these products above are non comodegenic and most of them are recommended by dermatologists. Before trying out any new products you should always do a patch test before.
Morning time Skin care routine for acne prone skin
1) Wash your face with cetaphil cleansing lotion. If you feel your skin looks very oily or dirty then only use any of the face washes stated above. Salicylic acid in saslic face wash can irritate your skin in this case try Ahaglow face wash with glycolic acid. At first use these face washes on alternate day then slowly moving to  daily.
2)Spray some Kaya skin clinic purifying toner on your face and let it dry for 5 minutes. This step is totally optional if you have always used toner then you can use it.
3)Dot some moisturizer onto your skin and gently massage it. Both Neutrogena and Clarina are very good. You can use any of these.
4)Put on a sunscreen. This is the most important step , don’t miss this step. Always put on sunscreen 15 minutes before stepping out in Sun. If you  are going under any acne treatment then Sunscreen is must.
 Sometimes you feel like washing your face thrice a day especially in summer. Use Cetaphil cleansing  milk  for that purpose because using more face wash can dry out your skin .
Night time skin care routine for acne prone skin
1) Wash your face with any of the face washes above. If you had put on makeup, make sure to remove all the makeup properly.
 For girls with heavy makeup I suggest to use Olive oil or Johnson/Himalaya baby oil to remove makeup. Apply oil all over your face and massage it gently. Wipe it with cotton pad. Following this wash your face with face wash, this will make sure all the makeup is removed  properly.
2) Put on some moisturizer if requires. If  your skin is very oily you can skip this steps especially in summer or can apply it only in dry patches.
3)Apply BENZOYL peroxide ointment on affected area.
4)If you have any acne spots from old acne apply very thin layer of retinoid cream Tretinoin Retino A 0.0025 % and gently massage it.
We will suggest you to wait for some days like Two to three weeks then start with spot treatment. Retinoids are quit harsh and can irritate your skin easily. So firstly start to use it on alternate days and then moving it to daily.
If retinoids are harsh for you skin,  you can use Kojivit gel for your dark spots.
People suffering from huge acne problem may need to add acne treatment in their morning routine. Use Adalpene  gel – (Adalpene Differin  and Epiduo gel by Gladerma ) treatment on affected area. Once it gets dried up, apply thin layer of moisturizer following it with sunscreen liberally before stepping out in sun. Skip the Toner in this case.
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Let us know your skin care routine for acne prone skin.
Disclaimer  – This is our personal opinion. Always ask your dermatologists before using medicated acne products. Always do a patch test before trying out any new product.
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