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Hi All,

To get flawless and beautiful skin you must follow a skin care routine.I know getting the right products for your skin is a pain .That is why I am sharing with you my current skin care routine.This is the  routine I follow in monsoon or winter season.

This as helped me lot to clear my acne nut also to maintain my skin moisture and glow.As you know using a lot of acne products can make your skin dry,dull and dehydrated. That is why good balance of the products is necessary.

Ok enough of talk.Lets get started

1)Face wash-Cetaphil cleansing lotion for sensitive skin

Price-150 rs for 125 ml

Hands down this is my favorite cleansing lotion in all face washes especially in winter.It will just clean your face without ripping of moisture from it.Also I like to mention other budget face wash, it is Patanjali’s Rose face wash.It is not a fancy face wash but what i like about this face wash is it will clean your face without making it very dry.So it is very suitable for dry skin beauties in summer.As it contains neem in it it will help fighting acne.It has helped me with acne to some extent.Also it will give you subtle glow on continuous usage.

2)Toner-Kaya skin clinic purifying toner

Price-325 rs for 100 ml

Though the price seems high but it will last for good three to four months .This is the first toner I have ever tried and I always get back to this toner. This is very refreshing,non irritating,non alcoholic toner.It does not dry out my skin like other toners.It has mandelic acid as its main content.It has cleared my skin to good extent .That is why I just love this toner.

3) Moisturizer-There are two of my favorite moisturizer I like to mention ere

Cetaphil moisturizing cream

price-326 rs or 80 gm

This is very good day to day moisturizer. It is non greasy and non comodegenic moisturizer very good for people with sensitive skin.

Lotus herbal’s Nutramoist skin renewal daily moisturizing cream

Price-370 rs for 60 gm

Though the price seems high but it will last for good three months. Little goes long.I have just recently started using this moisturizer and follow en love with it.It is very good for people with dry/Normal skin.It is also very good for oily skin beauties in winter.It is very light weight moisturizer sink quickly into the skin.It has very light smell which will go away after some time.It has given me subtle glow and made my dry patches disappear. But the main point what I liked about it is ,it did not broke me out.


Suncrose by sun pharmacy SPF 26

Price-275 rs

This has been recommended by my dermatologists. Both me and my husband love this sunscreen.It is very good non oily water based sunscreen.It will also help moisturizing your skin to some extent.It does not leave white cast on your face like many other sunscreen.No need to tell that it is non comodegenic. I may sound weird but it has also helped me to reduce my acne .It has improved my skin texture as well.It is my HG sunscreen.

There are other two things that i do twice weekly those are scrubbing and face pack

5)Scrub-Juicy Chemistry wheatgrass, naroli scrub for scarred skin

Price-300 rs for 25 gm

This is my current favorite scrub.It is made of all natural ingredients.Unlike other scrub it does not dry out my skin.After using this my skin feel fresh and glowvy. Glow remains for good two days.It has helped me to good extent to reduce my acne scars and dark spots.I just love this for that.I think you should definitely try this out.

6)Face pack-Juicy Chemistry Tea tree  and charcoal face pack for acne and blackhead

Price-300 rs for 25 gm

All the Juicy Chemisrty products are made with 100% natural products. Its again very good face pack.After applying this you will feel cooling tingling session on your skin.As it claims it has reduced my acne a lot.And it is non drying that is very good for dry as well as oily skin beauties because face pack can be very drying sometimes.This is my current Favorited face pack.


Thats it. This is all I do in my skin care routine.No fancy products.Let me know if you want dedicated reviews to all the products above.


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