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Suncrose Aquagel sunscreen -SPF 26

Hi all,
Today I am going to review Suncrose Aquagel sunscreen -SPF 26 by Sun pharmaceutical.
This was again suggested to me by my dermatologist. I have already said it in my every post that sunscreen is must for those with acne. I used to not apply anything on my face due to extensive acne. I used thought if I apply something, my acne will increase. I used to go bare face to office in all that pollution and harsh sun rays( with dupatta wrapped around my face). Then suddenly one day I saw a dark spot on my forehead and day by day it starts to expand. It took a year or two to fade it after a lot of treatments. But it has not gone completely. After that I never stepped out without a sunscreen(learned it very hard way).
There are a lot of good sunscreens in the market but hands down my favorite is Suncrose Aquagel sunscreen.
 Suncrose Aquagel sunscreen.

What company says- Non greasy water-resistant sunscreen specially suited for oily skin, humid conditions and excessive sweating. Contains Nano sized zinc oxide for complete UV-A and UV-b protection.
Ingredients –
Suncrose Aquagel Sunscreen - SPF 26
Price – 345 rs for
Comedogenic Ingredients  – Non comedogenic
Will it cause acne ? – No.
What I think about the product
I have used lot of sunscreens. One of the worst thing about them are they make you ghostly white. But that is not the case with this. It does not look white on my medium fair yellow skin. It is non oily water based sunscreen best suited for all skin types. After started using this I saw major improvement in my skin texture. It has also reduced my acne and I think it’s because of zinc oxide present in it. Not sure about it though. Even though I get pimples today but it does not leave heavy irritating dark marks after it vanishes completely. It is because my acne do not come into direct contact with sun rays(Also i avoid touching them).
 This sunscreen comes in two variant , first is gel based and other is lotion. I have also used lotion formula but I think it is oily for my very dry skin too. So I think gel based sunscreen is good for all skin type.
Suncrose Sunscreen lotion
The tub will last you good two to three months which is quite affordable for good sunscreen. This sunscreen also has other variant having SPF 50. If you stay out for whole day then that will be perfect for you.
Pros –
1)Does not make your face white.
2)Does not affect your makeup durability if used underneath the makeup.
3)Gives protection from UVA and UVB rays.
4)Does not make your face look oily.
5)Quite budget friendly.
6)Non comedogenic formulation
7) Water resistant non oily formula
Cons –
Only con of this product is that if used little too much then can make your face oily and sweaty.
Do I recommend this?
 My rating
4.75 out of  5 (-.25 for tub packaging)

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