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Suncrose Aquagel sunscreen -SPF 26

Hi all,
Today I am going to review Suncrose Aquagel sunscreen -SPF 26 by Sun pharmaceutical.
This was again suggested to me by my dermatologist. I have already said it in my every post that sunscreen is must for those with acne. I used to not apply anything on my face due to extensive acne. I used thought if I apply something, my acne will increase. I used to go bare face to office in all that pollution and harsh sun rays( with dupatta wrapped around my face). Then suddenly one day I saw a dark spot on my forehead and day by day it starts to expand. It took a year or two to fade it after a lot of treatments. But it has not gone completely. After that I never stepped out without a sunscreen(learned it very hard way).
There are a lot of good sunscreens in the market but hands down my favorite is Suncrose Aquagel sunscreen.
 Suncrose Aquagel sunscreen.

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