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Kaya Skin clinic Purifying toner

Kaya skin clinic purifying toner review

Kaya skin clinic purifying Toner is the first Toner I have  ever tried. Although I don’t believe in fancy toners. I always like to use Homemade rose-water for my skin, but busy schedule and baby do not allow you to use DIYs . So I switched to market toners. After lot of research I bought kaya skin clinic soothing Toner.

 What company claims about the product

Purifying toner is an alcohol free toner formulated with mandelic acid which gently exfoliate and help unclog pores. Botanical extract of cucumber wtich hazel and rose along with skin soothing agents help to control excess sebum, tighten your pores and reduce irritation leaving your skin clear and refreshed. The toner further prepare your skin for acne.

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