Acne Causes and Treatments

What is Acne? Acne Causes and Treatments

What is Acne
Acne is bacterial infection appears mainly on your face, neck and back.
Our skin secret oil named sebum .  Excessive secretion of oil from glands below your upper layer of skin causes clogging of skin pores . This clogging traps the bacteria inside causing Acne.
 Below are some Acne types, Acne Causes and Treatments.
Types of Acne
Whiteheads are the tiny little white bumps caused due to clogging of pores. Then these tiny  acne get covered by skin layer. These are more common type of acne. Almost everyone Ines in a life will suffer from this. These don’t need strong medication,  good skin care can also cure this.
Blackheads are the tiny black dots you get generally near your nose and chin. Blackheads are caused by excessive dirt, dead skin cell and oil. These gets trapped into skin pore and when gets contact with air results into black substance which we see on our skin. There are a lot of Blackheads removers present in the market. Good scrubber can help you get rid of it. Keep skin clean and do scrubbing once or twice a week.
These are small red rash like acne appears in your skin. These feels like you got some allergy but actually they are small red acne. You will need medication if they spread on all your face.
4) Pustules –
These are the pus filled big acne and are very painful. These acne leaves scars and spots. Avoid touching it. You will need medication and good skin care to clear them out.
These are the very big bumps  and really hard to cure. These can leave big scars and spots. These are bigger than pustule. These are very painful and irritating one. These one requires strong medication to cure.
Causes and Treatments for acne
Most of the women have noticed they get acne during their periods. It is because of the hormones.  Also boys will get acne at the time of puberty due to Hormones.
Hormonal acne can be cured with medication.
2)Over secretion of sebum/ Oily skin-
This is known to all that oily skin people get lot more acne than the people with other skin type. Due to over secretion of oil skin pores will get clog causing Acne.
But dry skin people also gets acne due to over dryness. This is because skin tries to  secret excess oil to control the skin dryness. That is why trying lot of acne medication at the same time can worsen the condition. No matter what is your skin type always do moisturize your face with non comodegenic moisturizer.
3) Dirty skin
You need to wash your face twice daily or more than that if very oily. If you will skip this process all the dirt, pollution with skin oil will clog the pores causing Acne.
4)Eating unhealthy/Unhealthy lifestyle –
Eating too much spicy food or unhealthy food also cause excessive secretion of sebum. Also less sleep, change of schedule, excessive stress are the other factors which cause acne. So try to live healthy life.
5) Dandruff-
 Dandruff is common hair problem among people of any age, sex all around the word. This is dead/ dry skin of the scalp caused by dry scalp. In some cases excessive oily scalp can also leads to Dandruff. So try to keep the scalp clean without  using excess of shampoo. Use anti dandruf shampoos . Dandruff if fall on face or back causes infection /Back Acne.
6) Comodegenic products –
Comodegenic means pore clogging. There are lots of beauty products in the market which contains highly comodegenic or mild comodegenic ingredients. So one should be very careful before buying any products. It should be non comodegenic or in low acne cases mildly comodegenic.
7)Touching or scrubbing acne – 
You must have heard it from lots of people and yes it is true. If you will touch the acne you will spread the infection on other parts of the skin. So do not do scrubbing or facials while you have active acne. Also continuously touching you face with dirty hands also causes infection.
These are some main causes which leads to Acne. So drink plenty of water, do regular exercise and eat healthy to avoid this problem.
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